Fall Tips for Pest-Proofing Your Home and Garage

I love October. Here in Tucson, it seems like it’s always a long time coming to get a break in the hot weather. But once it’s here (give or take a week or so), it’s always worth it! And with the nicely cooler temperatures, it’s a lot easier to get motivated to take care of some of those “honey dos” that have been piling up over the summer… stuff like “pest proofing” around the house and in the garage.

Your Complete Guide to Pest-Proofing This Fall

The cooler temperatures of autumn send all types of critters scurrying for the indoors. To defend your home against unwanted guests, follow these simple steps from the National Pest Management Association. Read more…

The quote above makes sense and probably explains why I recently found a little mouse near our garage. It’s also a good reminder of why you should keep your garage door in good working order with proper garage door seals (so the mouse stays on the OUTSIDE of the house!)

Here’s one other neat little trick from the Bob Vila site that can help keep those little buggers away – while keeping you feeling good about being a good, “green” Tucsonan:

It’s been rumored that mice and other creepy-crawlies cannot stand the smell of peppermint. Place used bags of peppermint tea strategically throughout the home—for example, near doors and inside cabinets—to help repel unwanted creatures. Infuse the bags with a few drops of peppermint essential oil to strengthen the scent and drive away pests even more successfully. See original article here

This could be especially important for those of you who have your homes on the market (or are considering it, as many folks do in the fall). And here in Tucson, it does seem like the housing market is looking a bit better. Here’s some recent numbers (though these are national numbers and not specifically the Tucson or Arizona market)

Housing Indicator Approaches Peak Level

Consumer confidence in the home-buying and -selling market bounced back from a recent dip, suggesting continued gradual improvement in housing activity. Fannie Mae’s Home Purchase Sentiment Index™ (HPSI) increased to 83.8 in September, and The HPSI Good Time to Sell component increased 13 points on net, due likely to a strong home price environment coupled with a slight improvement in consumers’ economic outlook.

Even if your house isn’t going on the market, the fall can be a great time to motivate to declutter before the end of the year, and before the holidays take over. And of course, the garage is always a great place to start when it comes to decluttering!

Need some help on how to get started? Thought you’d never ask!

6 Easy Steps to Efficiently Declutter Your Home

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There you have it. Take in the beauty of October in the Sonoran desert, spruce up the house and garage as needed, but keep the rodents out using natural methods.

Oh, and Go Cats!

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Add One More Reason to Why a Secure Garage Door is Important in Tucson

Yes, your garage door protects your valuables.

Yes, it’s important to keep burglars out of your home.

Yes, an insulated garage door can make a big difference when it comes to how hot your garage gets (and therefore how hard your air conditioner needs to work in the summer time).

Yes, keeping the garage door seals in good shape helps keep out excess moisture, bugs, mice and other small critters.

You need one more reason you want to make sure your garage door is in good working order? You don’t want this guy to be able to scratch his way in! (but you DO want to be sure your door opens quickly to let YOU in, if you happen to come across him in front of YOUR house!)

Three-foot lizard found roaming streets of Tucson

3 ft lizard in Tucson garageTUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) – Updated: Oct 07, 2015 5:29 AM

A three-foot lizard was captured in Tucson on Tuesday, after apparently escaping from his owner.

Lane Smith of Tucson Reptile Rescue said his organization is taking care of the carnivorous lizard. He said it is a Nile monitor lizard, which is not native to Arizona.

Smith said that somebody called the Tucson Fire Department at about 2 p.m. to report a three-foot lizard scratching on their door. The lizard was taken to a fire station, and then turned over to Tucson Reptile Rescue.

If you know who owns the lizard, call Tucson Reptile Rescue at (520) 991-9553.

And just in time for Halloween, too! :)